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Salem Usa date

2021/3/5 Friday

Salem Usa time

PM 23:10:25


UTC/GMT -8 hours


There is no daylight saving time in this area!


sunrise: 22:41
dawn↑: 22:12


sunset↓: 10:05
dusk: 11:08



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2021 year

the 9 week

2021 year

the 64 day


Local Time Online Calibration

Salem Usa Time belongs to PST (Pacific Standard Time) time zone, It does not implement Daylight Saving Time.

How to adjust computer time:
1. Double click the time in the lower right corner of the computer;
2. Open the setting window of time and date attributes , and directly adjust and input the correct time; or in the setting window of time and date attributes ;
3. Click the " Internet time " tag, click the " Update Now button ", and check before automatically synchronizing with the Internet time server.