What day is the Bailu24 Solar Terms


Every Sep 7/8/9th

Bailu time this year

2021/09/07 Tue

Weather the Bailu

It is dry, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the weather turns cool gradually

In 2021 the Bailu

It is 79 days after today.

Front Solar Term

It's (64) days after today.

Next Solar Term

It's (95) days after today.


What day the Bailu?

White Dew white fan, autumn equinox rice show Qi

Dew drops began to appear on grass and trees. Due to the low temperature, the dew drops were set to white, and the weather turned cold. Agricultural production entered the busy season of autumn harvest.

Bailu is the 15th solar term of the 24 solar terms and the third one in autumn. It indicates the end of the mengqiu season and the beginning of mid autumn, which is an important regulation reflecting the change of natural temperature. The time point of Bailu is from September 7 to 9 of the Gregorian calendar and 165 degrees of yellow longitude.