What day is the Chushu24 Solar Terms


Every Aug 22/23/24th

Chushu time this year

2021/08/23 Mon

Weather the Chushu

Sultry, thunderstorm

In 2021 the Chushu

It is 64 days after today.

Front Solar Term

It's (48) days after today.

Next Solar Term

It's (79) days after today.


What day the Chushu?

It's too late to feel the autumn breeze

"Chu" is the end of summer. Summer means that the summer has passed, from then on into the meteorological sense of autumn.

Chushu is the fourteenth of the 24 solar terms. Douzhiwu (southwest); the taiyanghuang longitude reaches 150 degrees; it meets every year on August 22-24 of the Gregorian calendar. Chushu, that is, "Chushu", is the meaning of leaving hot. When it comes to summer, the point of direct sunlight continues to move southward, the solar radiation weakens, the subtropical high also retreats southward, the temperature gradually drops, and the summer air gradually disappears. Summer means the end of the extremely hot weather. Although it is still hot during this period, it has shown a downward trend.