What day is the Dahan24 Solar Terms


Every Jan 19/20/21th

Dahan time this year

// Thu

Weather the Dahan

The least rain in a year, signs of warming

In 2021 the Dahan

It is -18797 days before today.

Front Solar Term

It's (15) days before today.

Next Solar Term

It's (1) days after today.


What day the Dahan?

The opposite pole of cold

The great cold is the last solar term of the year. It's freezing, but it's beginning to warm up. In the cold season, people bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, preparing new year's goods and drawing pictures. After the cold, it will usher in a new year of reincarnation. "After the cold, it's another year." winter will soon pass. Can spring be far behind?

Dahan is the last of the 24 solar terms. Dou Zhichou; taiyanghuang longitude up to 300 degrees; every year in the Gregorian calendar January 20-21 Festival. Big cold, like small cold, is also a solar term indicating the degree of cold weather. Big cold means that the weather is extremely cold.