What day is the Dashu24 Solar Terms


Every Jul 22/23/24th

Dashu time this year

2021/07/22 Thu

Weather the Dashu

It's very hot

In 2021 the Dashu

It is 32 days after today.

Front Solar Term

It's (17) days after today.

Next Solar Term

It's (48) days after today.


What day the Dashu?

Rotten grass is a firefly

The hottest period of the year is also the last solar term in summer. At this time, the temperature is the highest, the crops grow the fastest, and the floods are the most frequent.

The heat stroke is the twelfth of the 24 solar terms. The weather was very hot than the heat, so it was called the great heat. The twenty-four solar terms were formed by the ancient ancestors who complied with the agricultural activities, and recognized the changing rules of time, climate and phenology in the middle of one year old by observing the movement of celestial bodies. When the handle of the dipper star points to C or the sun reaches 120 ° yellow, it is the solar term of the great heat. "Heat" means hot, hot, refers to the extreme of inflammation. The summer heat is the solar term with the most sunshine and the hottest sun in the year, and also the solar term with the most precipitation. The high temperature is basically consistent with the rainy period. The climate characteristics of the solar term of the severe summer heat are the same period of rain and heat. The solar term of the great summer, high temperature, frequent thunderstorm and abundant rainfall are the seasons of all things' crazy growth.