What day is the Daxue24 Solar Terms


Every Dec 6/7/8th

Daxue time this year

2021/12/07 Tue

Weather the Daxue

The temperature will drop significantly and the precipitation will increase

In 2021 the Daxue

It is 170 days after today.

Front Solar Term

It's (155) days after today.

Next Solar Term

It's (184) days after today.


What day the Daxue?

At this point, the snow is also prosperous

A good snow is a good year. Snow covers the ground, providing a good environment for crops to overwinter. In the south of China, there is the custom of "salting meat in heavy snow", and there is also the custom of enjoying ice sculptures.

Heavy snow is the 21st solar term of the 24 solar terms and the third solar term in winter. Heavy snow, Dou Zhigui, the sun reaches 255 degrees of the Yellow longitude, and the festival time is from December 6 to 8 of the Gregorian calendar. The heavy snow solar term is the beginning of the calendar month, marking the official beginning of mid winter. Heavy snow is a solar term that reflects the characteristics of climate. The characteristics of heavy snow solar term are significant decrease of temperature and increase of precipitation.