What day is the Guyu24 Solar Terms


Every Apr 19/20/21th

Guyu time this year

2021/04/20 Tue

Weather the Guyu

Precipitation increased significantly

In 2021 the Guyu

It is -61 days before today.

Front Solar Term

It's (77) days before today.

Next Solar Term

It's (46) days before today.


What day the Guyu?

Rain gives birth to a hundred grains

Guyu is the last solar term in spring. Guyu in late spring means that spring will end and summer will come. It is suitable for the growth of crops.

Guyu is the sixth of the 24 solar terms and the last one in spring. Douzhichen; the Yellow meridian of the sun is 30 degrees; it meets every year from April 19 to 21 of the Gregorian calendar. Guyu means "rain begets a hundred grains". At this time, the precipitation increases significantly. The first transplanting of seedlings and new crop species in the field need the moistening of rain most. It is the so-called "spring rain is as expensive as oil". Sufficient and timely rainfall, cereal crops can thrive. Like other solar terms such as rain, light rain, light snow and heavy snow, the valley rain reflects the phenomenon of precipitation and reflects the ancient farming culture.