What day is the Jingzhe24 Solar Terms


Every Mar 5/6th

Jingzhe time this year

2021/03/05 Fri

Weather the Jingzhe

Spring thunder and more rain

In 2021 the Jingzhe

It is -107 days before today.

Front Solar Term

It's (122) days before today.

Next Solar Term

It's (92) days before today.


What day the Jingzhe?

Spring thunder is born, all things grow

The word "Jingzhe" is the most concise and vivid. The roaring spring thunder awakens the hibernating animals, and the earth begins to regain its vitality. Since ancient times, the working people of our country have attached great importance to the Jingzhe solar term, which is regarded as the beginning of spring ploughing. If there is thunder during the Jingzhe period, it indicates that the weather will be good this year.

With the first spring thunder of the new year, the 24 solar terms have come to us. Jingzhe is the third of the 24 solar terms and the beginning of mid spring. Tao Qian has a poem that says: "when it rains in the middle of spring, the first thunder comes to the East". With bursts of spring thunder, after the ignorance of early spring, the spring is gradually getting stronger in the middle of spring.